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Mechanical Pen


Color: Black Oxide


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Believe it or not, but you can actually tell the quality of a clicker pen by the sound it makes. Cheap plastic ones make an audible tick, whereas high-quality all-metal ones - like Inventery's Mechanical Pen - are satisfyingly silent. And on top of a superb Schmidt deployment, this EDC pen also features an all-brass unibody construction at 5" in length, comes with a Schmidt P8126 cap-free rollerball refill, and has both a lifetime warranty and individual serial number for each pen built. Step up your pen game with this offering from Inventery.

  • Brass unibody construction
  • All-brass Schmidt SKM88 silent all-metal clicker
  • Individually serialized
  • Schmidt P8126 cap-free rollerball refill
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5" length
  • 2.22 oz weight

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