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Photon Lanyard Bead

Prometheus Lights

Color: Electroless Nickel


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An excellent way to both dress up and individualize your everyday carry, these lanyard beads are milled from durable 6061 aluminum and feature Prometheus Lights' standard electroless nickel plated finish. With a design and name inspired by Fred Pilon of Photon Fanatic, these unique beads feature a 1/4 inch through lanyard hole, a length of 3/4 inches, and a total diameter of just 1/2 an inch. The milled grooves provide an excellent grip and they're sure to set your carry apart.

  • Electroless nickel plated 6061 aluminum
  • Prometheus Lights' standard EN finish
  • Made in USA
  • 0.25" lanyard hole
  • 0.75" L x 0.5" D

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