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David Spielman
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Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“Wait a second. Gallantry also carries all the freshest EDC tech organizers?”

Technology. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. So, since we can’t live without it, we can definitely do our best to make living with it as easy and stress-free as possible, right?


Enter the everyday carry tech organizer, a sweet standalone bag or pouch to effectively keep your tech – earbuds, cables, cell phones, thumb drives, cables, cords, connectors, laptops, this, that, and the other thing – organized in. When you’re always prepared like a Gallantry Man, having a dedicated bag for all your tech stuff is, well, a no-brainer.

Traveling, whether it be your everyday commute or a vacation across the country, can be a real pain-in-the-toot. Who needs the additional hassle of having to sort through a bunch of knick-knacks, junk, and clothes all just to find that one little itty bitty dongle that you think you may have thrown into the bottom of your giant bag earlier, especially when you’re on the move? Not you. Believe us, this much we know is true. That’s why you can be rest assured that when you have the right tech organizer on your person, you’re going to have every cable, charger, etc., nice, tidy, and oh-so-organized in a durable, protected, well-sized (to your liking) EDC product. When you make the extremely wise decision to pick up a tech organizer from Gallantry, you can be rest assured that the days of stray adapters or cables, well, those days are over.

The sheer helping of epic that is the everyday carry tech organizer doesn’t end there, though. In fact, another great attribute of the EDC tech organizer is that it can be everyday carried on its own or in another larger duffel bag. You know what works best for you and you know what? We’re pretty confident that you’ll do that.

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“I need to get home ASAP so that I can gather up all the piping hot everyday carry tech organizers I bought from Gallantry before I hit the spot tonight.”

So, without further adieu, let’s take a gander at the pick of the litter, the hot tickets, and fill-in-the-blank awesome truly exceptional mini organization tools known as EDC tech organizers that we carry at Gallantry.

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“Have you gals seen my boy’s Aer Cable Kit 2 from Gallantry yet? It is straight fire.”

As you may or may not already know, Aer always brings the heat when it comes to bringing versatile, capable, modern, and stylish products to the everyday carry marketplace. With the stashable pouch that is the dashing Cable Kit 2, let’s just say that the good people at Aer have really stepped their game up…and then some.

On its own or as part of a heftier EDC organizing system, the craftsmanship on display with the Cable Kit 2 - elastic bands, stretchable mesh pockets, padded protection, and even a DWR-coated face (for incredible protection from rough weather elements) – it all amounts to something really special. Add to the fact that this baby, which is really like two zippered pouches in one, can hold up to 1.8 liters of your stuff in it and, well, you get the gist.

If you’re prone to accidents or are just looking for a sleek everyday carry tech organizer with compartments and storage options to spare, you really can’t go wrong with the Cable Kit from AER.

Like, really though. You can’t.


Aer Cable Kit 2 Black

The follow-up to Aer’s popular original Cable Kit — a long-sold-out offering that was featured on Wirecutter’s Best Bag & Cable Organizers list and the NY Times’ 2019 Holiday Gift Guide — the Cable Kit 2 puts an end to tangled charging cords and misplaced memory cards, providing you with an ultra-rugged, weather-resistant means of organizing the cables and small accessories for your EDC tech essentials. This second-generation model boasts revised dimensions that gain 0.5” in length and width, ultimately affording an additional 0.1L of storage space in a less bulky package that’s easier to tuck into a backpack or duffel.

A standout of the San Francisco brand’s new Work Collection, the new 2.0 version retains the 1680D Corder ballistic nylon side exterior, YKK zippers, Duraflex hardware, and carry handle of the earlier model, while bestowing the interior with a new trick, soft woven lining, and a 840D nylon face that sports a rugged weather-resistant polycarbonate polyurethane coating.

Like its predecessor, the Cable Kit 2 also sports a tactically-laid-out interior pocket, secure, quick-access back pocket, and dual compartment arrangement for intuitive cable and accessory storage and organization, along with new soft-lined pockets specifically for delicate devices, lenses, and other small peripherals.


  • 1680D Cordura® ballistic nylon side exterior
  • 840D nylon face with a DWR polycarbonate polyurethane coating
  • New premium soft woven interior lining
  • YKK® zippers
  • Duraflex® hardware
  • Dual compartments and interior pockets for cables and EDC tech essentials
  • Secure, quick-access back pocket
  • Organizers and layout for smart organization
  • Carry handle
  • 1.8L of internal space
  • 9” L x 6” W x 3” D
  • 0.7 lbs. weight

Cable Kit 2

Cable Kit 2


[tab-section data-sc-active-background="#ffffff" data-sc-other-background="#ffffff" data-sc-color="#555555"][tab title="Details"] The followup to Aer’s popular original Cable Kit — a long-sold-out offering that was featured on Wirecutter’s Best Bag & Cable Organizers list and the NY Times’ 2019 Holiday Gift Guide — the Cable Kit… read more

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“Let’s toast to the Topo Designs Tech Case that I just bought from Gallantry! Cheers!”

Topo Designs doesn’t play games when it comes to creating incredible travel companions for Gallantry Men looking to make the world their oyster with some of the finest EDC gear on the planet. As such, we were hardly surprised when we first bore witness to the convenience beast that is the brand’s stunning Tech Case.

With its sharp dual compartment (both of which have their own killer internal organization design) construction, the Tech Case from Topo Designs (which is made from 100% recycled nylon that is highly resistant to abrasion so you know the product will absolutely stand the test of time and have an even longer lifespan) makes it easy for you to keep your tech safe and separate from the rest of your everyday carry so that you can be seriously organized on the road or in the office.

From the full clamshell opening that allows for remarkably easy overall access, to the efficient grab handle that gives you the ability to haul this beauty around like it’s nothing, yeah, it’s safe to say that the Tech Case from Topo Designs has the goods…for your electronic goods (no, seriously, you can literally fit your headphones, books, iPad, notepad, and even your favorite snacks inside, all at the same time).

So whether you’re getting ready to run some errands, explore the backwoods, or embark on your next international trek (we’ve gotten some real use out of this product while entertaining ourselves on both domestic and international flights), the winner that is this case, made from the highest-quality fabric, hardware, and materials imaginable, can and should be yours today.

Case closed!



The Tech Case is perfect for carrying and organizing your essentials, the ideal vessel for keeping your everyday gear - pens, sunglasses, cards, keys, small tablets and more - safe and organized.

The dual compartment build, padded sides, and front zippered pocket (which allow for easy access) make the Tech Case a standout in the everyday carry tech organizer space. While its front main compartment has an internal mesh pocket on one side and an elastic organization band on the other, its back compartment has an internal mesh pocket as well as an internal padded tablet sleeve with elastic daisy chain webbing on the exterior side.

As a top off, the bag also has a neat top handle that allows for a quick and easy carry whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Made from 450D coated recycled nylon with DWR finish
  • Dual compartment organization
  • YKK heavy-duty zippers for durability
  • Internal tablet sleeve
  • Elastic organization band
  • Dual zippered security pockets
  • Elastic pen loop
  • Daisy chain webbing for small accessories
  • Internal storage sleeve
  • External zippered accessory pocket with key clip
  • Dimensions: 6.5”w x 9.5”h x 3.5”d
  • Volume: 216 cu. In. / 3.5 L

Coming Soon in Black and Charcoal

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“You’re looking damn good with that new Black Annex Case from Code of Bell, too. You always have the freshest EDC, Gallantry Man. Always. You’re just too cool!”

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“Yeah, what can I say? Being a Gallantry Man is pretty legendary. Also, in other news, water is still wet.”

Just like the minimalist X-Pod and the Annex Carrier, the incredibly functional Annex Case from innovative LA-based bag designer Code of Bell is just, well, awesome. It’s a multi-purpose, two-compartment wallet crafted specifically for the traveling tech aficionado, an all-in-one organizer that you just to have on you on those days when you’re just not in the mood to schlep around a sling or a backpack. Essentially, if you’ve ever thought, “Man, I wish I had a wallet that also fit my phone”, this is the lightweight, comfortable, compact, and stylish everyday carry tech organizer for you.

Did we mention that you can also wear the Annex Carrier with a strap in multiple carry modes? Yeah. It’s like that with this tech organizer.


Annex Case Black

Designed to be a minimalist wallet for those who need their essentials on the go, Code Of Bell’s Annex Case is a compact all-in-one travel case for the modern lifestyle. The main compartment can be used as a wallet (hence the cash and card slots), while the extra storage is perfect for your smartphone and travel essentials like your passport.

The dome shape of the front compartment gives it extra room for your car keys or earphones, while the front panel section uses reflective material to shine bright when hit by light for added protection at night.

Lean, mean, and imminently portable, The Annex Case from Code of Bell is a must-own for the everyday carrier that likes their tech as efficiently organized as their lives.


  • 8 x 4.3 x 0.8 (inches) / 205 x 110 x 20 (mm)
  • Waterproof fabric used on front compartment
  • Can be worn cross-body style, single shoulder or by hand
  • Two independent compartments (front domed compartment for extra room)
  • Reflective front panel for visibility at night
  • Removable shoulder strap to use it as a travel case
  • Main compartment has a cash slot, 2 zippered pockets, 3 card slots, and a mini pocket
  • RFID-protected in the main compartment
  • 2 Shoulder strap clips (plus 1 on loose end of strap) are included

Annex Case

Annex Case


[tab-section data-sc-active-background="#ffffff" data-sc-other-background="#ffffff" data-sc-color="#555555"][tab title="Details"] Designed to be a minimalist wallet for those who need their essentials on the go, Code Of Bell’s Annex Case is a compact all-in-one travel case for the modern lifestyle.  The main compartment can be… read more

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame “I know you see my fresh EDC, bro. Damn straight I’m a Gallantry Man. ”


Gallantry Men like to everyday carry with maximum efficiency. It’s the way we roll. It’s also why all the tech organizers that we carry at Gallantry get right down to brass tacks. None of us have time for the riff-raff. The good news here is that once you’ve loaded up on these sleek tech organizers from us, you’ll be ready to get down to business whenever duty calls.

Tech Organizer for EDC 20210721 Shame“What’s taking so long with this friggin’ elevator? I’m trying to order more smoking hot everyday carry tech organizers from Gallantry!”

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