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David Spielman
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The EDC Guide to Watches 20210721 - No Country for Old Men 1During a routine hunt, Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) inspects his Timex after stumbling onto a bloody crime scene and rwo million dollars in No Country for Old Men (2007).


Conceived at the beginning of the 20th century, the wristwatch became a necessity during World War I. Out with the pocket watch. In with the wristwatch. Infantrymen and aviators needed a practical way to stay on time and the law of supply of demand saw to it that they did.

Before long, the general public started picking up what the soldiers were putting down (on their wrists) and watch production went through the roof. Soon thereafter, the watch became a defining piece of EDC for men, an indicator of savvy. Style choices for the most ubiquitous of everyday carry products increased...and then some. Eventually rugged watches, the toughest of the tough, made their way into the equation, waterproof, impact-resistant watches that could handle even the most extreme conditions.

Today there’s a watch for every man from every walk of life. And boy is there ever a new watch in stock for the Gallantry man.


The EDC Guide to Watches 20210721 -The Timex Display from Career Opportunities 2The Timex display from Career Opportunities (1991)

There are a lot of watches out there. We get it. Help us help you bypass what American psychologist Barry Schwartz calls the The Paradox of Choice and connect you to your ideal everyday carry watch because Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Time is money”.

So whether you’re looking for a watch that is suitable for all occasions, a separate watch for work and play, or a watch within a certain price range, let’s go on a journey, let’s keep it positive, and let’s break down the watch basics, the nuts and bolts– features, build, materials, design, etc. – so you have all the info you need to make a sound, informed investment in your fresh new timepiece.

Whether you’re in the market for a military watch, a dive watch, or a minimalist watch, a mini clock should always be strapped on your wrist. As we navigate the main components of a watch, and you prepare to take your everyday carry collection to the next step, consider the specs and features that matter to you most.


The movement is that special internal mechanism that keeps time, the engine of any which that enables it to function properly. There are many different types, such hand-wound, quartz-based electronic, mechanical, and our current favorite, automatic, which is powered by the movement of your wrist.

Some men wait to get an incredible automatic everyday carry wristwatch on their wrist, but you know better. Plus, it’s not your fault that you don’t own our best watch yet. We just started carrying it today!


Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch from Timex

The history of this automatic timepiece really begins in 1854, when The Waterbury Clock Company first opened its doors for business. Flash forward to 2021, and Timex is paying homage to what later evolved to become the centerpiece of its signature watch collection with their new take on the classic, incorporating the Waterbury Watch Company logo onto the dial, crown, and sweeping second hand (which, of course, bears the stylized W).

Each sophisticated and remarkably easy to buckle and wear timepiece redefines simplicity and craftsmanship, with finely finished surfaces, a keen attention to detail, and, of course, an engine that can be wound by the unpretentious movement of your wrist.

Powered by a 21-jewel automatic movement, selected for its robustness and accuracy, it will wind itself whenever you wear the watch or be wound manually with its crown.

Practical and functional, The Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch from Timex is a timepiece that you can confidently wear and admire for time immemorial.


  • Day/Date Complication on Dial
  • Automatic
  • Mineral Glass Crystal/Lens
  • Quick-Release Leather Strap
  • Stainless Steel, Round Watch Case
  • Brushed/Polished Case Finish
  • Water Resistant to 100 Meters
  • 39 mm Case Width x 11.5 mm Case Height (Full Size)
  • Strap and Lug Width: 20 mm
  • Mechanical Automatic Wind Watch Movement

Available in Classic Stainless-Steel/Black/Silver & Stainless-Steel/Tan/Blue

Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch

Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch


[tab-section data-sc-active-background="#ffffff" data-sc-other-background="#ffffff" data-sc-color="#555555"][tab title="Details"] This new release from Timex features the iconic Waterbury Watch Company logo on the dial, crown and sweeping second hand, which bears the stylized W. Each watch displays attention to craftsmanship and detail, with finely-finished… read more

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Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch

Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39mm Leather Strap Watch


[tab-section data-sc-active-background="#ffffff" data-sc-other-background="#ffffff" data-sc-color="#555555"][tab title="Details"] This new release from Timex features the iconic Waterbury Watch Company logo on the dial, crown and sweeping second hand, which bears the stylized W. Each watch displays attention to craftsmanship and detail, with finely-finished… read more

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This spec refers to a watch that is built to resist water pressure deep below the surface. Simple enough. The tricky part comes when you see ratings 30M (the “M” is for meters), 50M, 100M, etc., which actually represents how much water resistance the watch can withstand per atmosphere of pressure (10 meters for every 1 atmosphere) before the rubber gaskets inside die. In simple terms, 30M is splash resistant, 50M can handle a shower, 100M is cool for swimming, and 300M can handle even a triply lundy off the diving board.


You can dismiss the surface fancy factor here because this is just the glass that covers and protects the face of the watch. Coming in flat or domed shapes, and usually made from mineral glass or sapphire, these clear and hard protective layers make the watch easier to read and significantly more durable.


The small knob that you pull out the side of the watch in order to set the time and date. Crowns are common in dive watches, and are usually either standard or screw-down.


The diameter of the watch, most often given in millimeters. The average for watches is between 38mm and 42mm.


Usually made from metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and gold, plastic, or even alternatives like ceramic or carbon fiber.


Lugs are the arms that the strap or bracelet of a watch sits between and spring bars are the little bar that holds the lugs in place. The distance between your spring bar and your lug width will help you determine what size strap will compliment your watch.


The face of the watch is, not surprisingly, what you're going to be looking at the most. A dial is the part of the face that displays information, and depending on the watch, there can be more than one. The hands, much like the numbers, date window, and face background, also play a significant role in the appearance of your watch.


Watches with lumes are glow in the dark, making them easy to read underwater or in the dark. Commonly seen in quartz and digital watches, the faces of watches with lumes light up with a gentle press of the crown.


A strap is what makes your watch a watch, the band that hold the watch to your wrist so you can check the time at your leisure. Usually made from leather, canvas, metal, rubber, or nylon, common types include bracelets (metal linked bands with a clasp), single piece NATO-style straps, or, of course, the traditional leather two-piece strap. What’s most important is that you choose a strap that is compatible with your level of activity.


While not all EDC watches come with extras, there are certainly those that do. The chronograph feature, basically a stopwatch, is a popular choice, as is GPS if you’re really looking to get real high-tech. As with any EDC item, it’s all about figuring out what functions matter most to you and then taking it from there.


The past decade has certainly seen the smartphone push the wristwatch to the side for many. However, you’re here because you’re a thought leader, not a follower. Just because some people have ditched the watch, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, there’s a lot of evidence that suggests that in the world of everyday carry, the wristwatch is as indispensable as its ever been, an absolute must-have for the maverick that plays life by his own rules, whether the occasion involves adventure, leisure, business, or anything in-between. Allow us to explain why having a watch as part of your everyday carry is really so much more than just owning a watch.


Watches are straight shooters. When you check your smartphone, you open yourself up to a whole world of distractions in order to tell the time. When you check your watch, you get what you want with zero fuss. In an attention economy where everyone and their mother is trying to hit you with notifications about so and so 24/7, you can rest easy knowing that your trusty EDC watch will never pull any funny business. Plus, it’s a lot less likely to break.


If luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, the great thing about having a good everyday carry watch is that you’re always prepared. Time may be pressing, but you’ll never be for more of it with a good wristwatch.


Long before computers entered the scene, watches existed as a truly unique product, a functional piece of artwork, crafted with skill, dedication and an attention to detail. When you glance at your EDC watch, you’re not just retrieving the time, you’re getting an incredible reminder of just how far we’ve come.


Ever notice how the way a man carries a watch on his wrist without even saying a word speaks volumes about his confidence and authenticity. When it comes to character, a man who assertively inspects his watch projects instant bravado and quality. A man who respects time is a man who respects himself.


What is the essence of EDC if not those items that ultimately prevail because they do something useful well and do so reliably. Sure, watches come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, but, at the end of the day, they all serve utility above all else. No matter the season, occasion, or location, watches are loyal and reliable constant in fast-changing world. And, in the world of EDC, that is no small feat.

While a moment’s notice isn’t always promised, we can promise you that with the perfect EDC watch, you’ll be able to notice the time at any moment.


The EDC Guide to Watches 20210721 - Tony Soprano 3Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) thinks about how he’s going to buy The Waterbury Traditional Automatic 39MM Leather Strap Watch from Timex on Gallantry because time waits for no one, not even a New Jersey mob boss.

An EDC mainstay like the watch is guaranteed to earn you respect and have everyone from here to Timbuktu wanting to have a sit-down with such a classy individual like yourself. Who wouldn’t? Your taste is impeccable! With that in mind, you can stop searching for something to watch and start streaming this classic from the Golden Era of television, as all 6 seasons of The Sopranos (including the first episode of the third season, “Mr. Ruggerio’s Neighborhood” (2001), wherein T flashes his Timex) are available on HBO Max.

When you shop at Gallantry, you’re part of the family. And we always take care of the family. Salud!

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