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David Spielman
9 minute read

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“All I need are these two extremely hot Code of Bell sling packs from Gallantry. After that, I’m going to be golden.”
- Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), probably, Inception (2010)

The sack-shaped, one-strap sling bag, noted by the modern everyday carry enthusiast for its sheer ease-of-use, simplicity, maximum utility, high fashion, and incredible functionality, is a slick standout in this day and age.

“Slings” (as they’re often referred to in the EDC community) are designed with pragmatism and efficiency in mind, hence why they are most commonly worn across the body on one shoulder (allowing the sling to rest on one’s lower back). In other words, they’re more popular than ever for a reason and that reason is that they give the Gallantry Man easy access to his everyday carry, sans the shoulder, neck, and back strain frequently associated with other bags.

As we approach 2022, owning a sling bag (or two) isn’t really just a good idea for the Gallantry Man – it’s a straight-up must (a necessity, really).

The X Factor 20211129 Code of Bell

Enter Code of Bell, the independent, Los Angeles-based design outfit with more than thirty years of product design and development under their belt. Dedicated to delivering highly durable, versatile, and technical soft goods, Code of Bell definitely knows what time it is when it comes to sling bags.

Constructed with ultra-premium materials, Carry Award VI winner The X-PAK (“Highly Commended”) and Carry Award VII winner The X-POD (“Best Sling of 2019”) are the smart stars of Code of Bell’s operation, the ultimate multipurpose, multi-functional evolutions of compact carry. In fact, both of these standout “Sling Packs” synthesize technical gear and street fashion in a way that makes the passion behind their design self-evident, while doing so in a manner that unsurprisingly galvanizes broad appeal.

Modern interpretations of classic storage solutions engineered to add practicality, convenience, and a hefty wallop of military-meets-streetwear-style to everyday life, these slings are laboratories of slick craftsmanship, custom parts, top-shelf components, and an exquisite level of attention to detail. Even better, these winners are designed to last a lifetime, so, yeah, they’re worth every penny.

Talk about a couple of winning long-term investments, you know what we mean? Your new favorite bags have definitely arrived.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“Do you know where I can find one of these slings? I traveled really far to ask you.”

Here’s the thing, right? Life can be stressful. With one (or both) of Code of Bell’s most money sling packs, truly wearable extensions of Gallantry Men like yourself (and your pockets), your everyday carry doesn’t have to be.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“Alright, fellas. I’ve got a couple of my top guys tailing those two smokin’ hot Code of Bell slings from Gallantry right now.”

So whether you’re traveling across the country or just headed out on a nice, leisurely walk to run some errands in the neighborhood, you know what the move is.

The X Factor 20211129 Christopher Nolan“Would you look at the materials used for the X-PAK and The X-POD? They’re gorgeous. Man, I love Gallantry.”
- Christopher Nolan (most-likely)


When it comes to the materials used to craft these bags, you better believe professionalism is at the top of the menu. Why? Code of Bell believes in only using the highest quality hardware and materials available on market, that’s why.

These sling packs are built using both ballistic nylon (a single, thicker-layer fabric) as well as the up-and-coming lightweight, weather-resistant, and waterproof composite X-Pac (a multiple-layered fabric, laminated onto a single sheet instead of just one layer with PU coating).

Suffice to say, these materials, loaded with strength and stability, are where it’s at.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“Basically, the movie is about your character’s hunt to find these two slings from Gallantry, arguably the best-looking EDC slings you could ever own.”


Modern and minimalist, the look and feel of these smart slings make them the perfect packs for the urban warrior that likes his EDC to ace the style test every single time.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“We’re here for the versatile, bulk-free Code of Bell sling packs from Gallantry! Open up!”


Both the X-PAK and the X-POD are incredibly versatile. It’s why they belong in an ergonomic class of their own. It’s why they’re hardly your typical bags, as they both work as either standalone EDC items or as an incredibly practical holding mechanisms designed to carry your other EDC essentials.

You can carry them crossbody as sling bags, you can carry them as backpacks, heck, you can even wear them around your waist if you so desire. While the X-PAK, a revised version of the original X-PAK PRO, is perfect for carrying larger loads that you might need for a weekend trip, the X-POD is equally exceptional in its build, while being slightly smaller in size (still 100% “tacticool,” though).

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“You told me the slings would be there and they weren’t!”

Forget the backpacks and the messengers. Those bags are yesterday’s news. It’s all about these sharp black sling packs from Code of Bell.

First up…

The X Factor 20211129 Inception “Oh, man. Leo is going to kill me when he finds out I didn’t use the Black Code of Bell X-POD Sling Pack like I promised.”


Code of Bell X Pod Sling Pack Black

Designed as an alternative to the common backpack, Code Of Bell’s X-Pod is a compact and versatile bag completely free from the bulk of a full-size pack while still large enough to accommodate your typical daily loadout. The latest version of this black-on-black storage solution boasts a 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon main compartment and waterproof laminated Dimension-Polyant VX Series X-Pac fabric for the front shell complete with weatherproof YKK zippers and Hypalon zipper pulls, breathable padding, custom-made hardware, and a main self-locking magnetic strap buckle. The X-Pod also boasts two independent compartments, a concealed zippered rear pocket, a trio of mesh zippered pouches, and a pair of quick-access compartments. Able to be worn across the body, at the hip, or carried via its top grab handle, this highly adaptable bag can conform to a wide variety of uses and setups.


  • 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon and Dimension Polyant VX Series X-Pac exterior
  • Custom hardware & Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • 2 independent expandable compartments
  • 2 quick-access zippered pockets
  • 1 hidden zippered pocket
  • 3 zippered mesh pockets
  • YKK zippers with Hypalon pulls
  • Top grab handle
  • Includes detachable 15.4 oz compression straps and 2 shoulder straps
  • Multi-purpose attachment points
  • Key hook clasp
  • 2.3L volume expandable to 4.5L

The X Factor 20211129 Inception “I’ll just swap slings later. It’ll be fine. What matters is that, at the end of the day, he’ll get both of the slings that he wants.”


Code of Bell Xpak Black

The Code of Bell X-PAK sling bag delivers a versatile and modern EDC storage solution -- boasting a waterproof laminated Dimension Polyant VX Series X-Pac and 1680D Cordura ballistic weave nylon exterior, resulting in an extremely-strong-yet-lightweight hauler. With a vertically-integrated roll-up top that affords up to 23L of storage space when fully expanded, a padded sleeve that can accommodate laptops up to 13” in size, fully weatherproof YKK zippers with Hypalon zipper pulls, a collapsible water bottle pocket, and so much more, this quick-access bag puts a modern and functional spin in the traditional messenger bag. Carried via its removable padded grab handle or across the chest via a single, padded, stowable strap — the X-PAK can go from an over-the-shoulder bag to a horizontal duffle in a split-second.


  • 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon and Dimension Polyant VX Series X-Pac fabric exterior
  • 3 easy-access zippered pockets
  • 2 mesh slip pockets
  • Expandable water bottle pocket
  • Removable padded handle grip, chest stabilizer strap, and compression straps
  • Stowable padded shoulder strap with D-ring and Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • Key hook clasp, multi-purpose attachment points, and custom hardware
  • Organizational compartments in the main cavity
  • Padded 13" laptop sleeve & vital document compartment
  • YKK zippers with Hypalon pulls
  • 11L capacity
  • Expandable to 23L

The X Factor 20211129 Inception “Hold on. Are you telling me you didn’t use the Code of Bell slings – the ones that you told me that you had finally located - for the job? Is that what you’re telling me?”


Passports. Wallets. Cell phones. Cigars. Documents. Tablets. Headphones. Laptops. Keys. Sunglasses. Water bottles. Checkbooks. Pens. Field Notes. Phone chargers. Keychain. Loose credit cards. Mints. The X-POD and the X-PAK are perfect for holding any and/or all these items and more without the stiff rigidness of a briefcase. Best of all, these stylish and convenient bags allow you to carry these necessities while moving swiftly, whether you’re rushing through a crowd at Penn Station or crisscrossing through a farm in Nebraska.

Think of these sling packs as employees of sorts, because these bags really go above and beyond to work for you (and you alone).

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“So I’ve got the slings now. Good, good. That’s what I like to hear. I can’t even with the backpack sweat anymore. I want to be fresh.”

When it comes to Code of Bell’s sling packs, the X-PAK and the X-POD are really where it’s at these days. You have got to have (at least) one.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“Screw it. I want even more of these sweet black Code of Bell sling packs from Gallantry.”

So pull the trigger and buy one…or two.

The X Factor 20211129 Inception“Damn straight I’m a Gallantry Man legend.”

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