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Slim Fit: 15 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men

In our ever-busy, complicated lives, a little reprieve from the noise is always welcome. And often times it doesn’t matter in what form this break manifests itself. Either a simple song, clear sunny day, or a sleekly designed product built for everyday carry. We welcome and appreciate simplicity in design, for it takes series talent and ingenuity to create something that’s both insanely simple and highly utilitarian. The wallet notwithstanding.

These pocket-sized companions, ranging from your typical slim wallets to larger travel and passport-sized friendly folds, are with us on our day-to-day trek throughout life’s gauntlet of complexities and ever-changing obstacles. So it makes sense - as those with money on our minds - that the vessel through which we keep careful watch over our personal information and finances should remain as minimal as possible. The goal here is to minimize the number of useless features a wallet can perform, the overly complicated storage systems, and the amount of bulk you’re allowed to carry. Instead, the wallets featured here in this list of the best minimalist wallets for men offer a clean design, aren’t built for the George Constanza in our lives, and are durable enough to keep you appreciating simplicity as you travel through our world’s increasingly complex landscape. Carry on.

JBird Co. Taco Card Wallet

About a simple as it gets, the JBird Taco Card Wallet is outfitted to carry the essentials without all the bulk of a traditional wallet. As a billfold, each Taco Card piece can keep your cards and cash safe from harm or from simply getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Each wallet is American made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, boasts metal rivets that keep everything together, an elastic band, a wax finish for extra water resistance, and comes equipped with a lifetime warranty to help put your mind at ease.

Purchase: $20


Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

For a similar money-clip experience without the metal, give the Ezra Arthur Cash Fold a try. Functioning as a miniature leather bifold, this piece boasts the ability to hold up to 30 bills. Also, with a Chromexcel Horween leather construction and a simple design, this little bi-fold will no doubt be a simple way to track you cash flow over the course of each day. Oh, and it’s also made right here in the USA.

Purchase: $40


Trove Wallet

Lightweight, slim and built to last, the Trove Wallet is made from high quality full-grain Italian leather along with tough Italian elastic to keep you cash or cards safe. It boasts up to a 10 card capacity, features a triple pocket design for maximum convenience, is handmade in England, and is actually reversible - offering alternative storage options. The style is straightforward, the design is clean and functionality on point making this minimalist wallet a no-brainer option for those looking for lightweight ways to keep their finances in order.

Purchase: $43


TGT Nightcall Deluxe

Standing for “Tight,” TGT is a minimalist wallet unlike anything we’ve come across before, which is actually a good thing. This piece boasts dual leather pockets and an integrated elastic band (of course) for your essential cash. The Nightcall wallet is also handmade right here in the USA and can fit your cards, some cash and a small item in its unique design. Each wallet is also double stitched, is made from premium Italian leather, and all comes in a small but durable package that can easily fit in your front pocket and looks good too.

Purchase: $46


Hitch and Timber EDC Card Caddy

We all know that pockets feature limited real estate, and if you’re the kind of person who can’t leave home without a pocket knife, pen, multitool or any other number of EDC items including your wallet, then look no further than this EDC Card Caddy. It helps keep both your EDC gear organized along with your cards and cash, and is hand-cut, stitched and burnished in the USA. You can fit a pen, multitool, and pocket knife in its convenient design. Best part of all, it fits snuggly in just about any pants pocket.

Purchase: $54


Madera Poquito Slim Wood

Never thought you’d ever own a wood wallet? Guess again. Madera offers this handsome piece for skeptics of wooden wallets and does a fine job converting those who would otherwise write-off the notion. The wooden shell is hand-polished to perfection, features enough room for over 8 cards along with cash, hosts a quick access slot for those more frequently used pieces of plastic, and actually comes equipped with a hidden compartment that’s ideal for storing coins. Users will also find that the replacement cash strap comes in handy here as well.

Purchase: $55


Machine Era TI5 Slim

As one of the strongest slim wallets around, Machine Era’s Ti5 Slim Wallet is constructed from 6AL-4V titanium and is PVD coated for good measure. This composition also makes this American-made offering one of the lightest on the market. Clearly, this piece was designed to take a beating all while protecting your privacy thanks to RFID technology. The wallet also hosts an easy-access thumb slot that can double as a bottle opener come happy hour and is both impact/scratch resistant. It weighs just over .5oz, can fit up to 8 cards in its design, and literally built to last a lifetime.

Purchase: $58


DPTR Clamshell Wallet

Short for “Departure,” DPTR is based out of Chicago and works to make wallets that are absent of any unnecessary bulk, ensuring that only your cards and cash have a save place to stay within your pockets. This offering, in particular, is made right here in the USA from locally-sourced 100% genuine Horween leather in conjunction with a soft pigskin lining. Keeping those valuables safe and secure never looked so stylish.

Purchase: $60


Ezra Arthur No. 2 Wallet

From start to finish this wallet is American through and through. That’s because it’s designed, sourced, and crafted by hand right here in the USA. In doing so, Ezra Arthur’s No. 2 Wallet is of the utmost quality and style. It’s made from 100% leather, tanned by Horween in Chicago, and also comes complete with a lifetime warranty on the stitching. The No. 2 is also equipped to handle up to 8 cards, is absent of any linings, rubber or glue and of course features a minimalist design we all can appreciate. 

Purchase: $65


Dango D01 Dapper Wallet

Combining dependability and a rugged silhouette with a sleek design, the Dango D01 Dapper wallet can carry your daily cards in an easy-access pocket while a silicone strap keeps your cash safe and secure at all times. Each wallet is also made from high-quality leather, aerospace-grade aluminum, and is held together by a series of mil-spec stainless steel bolts. The piece comes with a built-in bottle opener, RFID blocking technology, and is machined and manufactured right here in the USA as well.

Purchase: $69


Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

As a slimline minimalist cash and card carrier, the Ridge Aluminum Wallet is a sleek and slim wallet built out for the modern man who wishes to deviate away from the normal bi-fold. It’s both RFID blocking, can hold anywhere between 1-12 cards without stretching and comes with an attachable and replaceable money clip to keep your cash handy as well. Also, with a T5 Torx driver, this wallet is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Purchase: $72


Mr. Lentz  Minimal Leather Wallet

For a little bit of rustic Western aesthetic, this Minimal Leather Wallet from Mr. Lentz is an extremely thin bi-fold wallet that won’t let you down when storing your necessary cards and cash. It’s made right here in America with entirely sustainable materials, and is slim enough to fit comfortably in your front pocket. It’s a durable piece of carry, boasting a capacity to carry between 4-6 cards, is made from full-grain vegetable leather, boasts a currency slot for your cash, and comes with a 100-year warranty against defects.

Purchase: $74


Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Fresh from Australia and here to make their name known throughout the EDC community, Bellroy has continued to deliver some of the cleanest and most well-designs minimal wallets around. And with their Slim Sleeve option, this reputation has successfully made the transfer over into the world of slim wallets. It’s all part of their Nude Approach, exclusively using vegetable-tanned leather and thread. The result is a slim wallet with no unnecessary elements but with the ability to carry up to 12 cards along with some folded bills. Stylish, sleek and highly functional. It’s what Bellroy is all about.

Purchase: $79.95


Form Function Form Architects Wallet

Always at the ready for when inspiration strikes the curious mind, the Architect’s Wallet comes equipped with a handful of tools you wouldn’t normally find in your average wallet. We’re talking a Fisher Space Pen - perhaps the most ideal EDC pen ever - and 2 small Moleskine notepads that fit right into the wallet's design. It's an ideal carry item for the creative individual who finds themselves sketching or taking notes on-the-go and is made from Horween Chromexcel leather, features saddle-stitching, and a YKK metal rivet resulting in a wallet that’s built to take a beating.

Purchase: $88


Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet + Cash Strap

Built out with fans of a more technical nature in mind, the Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet and Cash Strap is your go-to for a highly durable and lightweight minimalist option that’s bound to last for many more rotations around the sun. It comes equipped with RFID blocking technology, an elastic cash strap to keep your bills safe and secure, can carry up to 12 cards without issue, is built with replaceable screws, and a comes with a T5 Torx driver to help with maintenance. Modern styling at its finest.


Purchase: $105

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